Brazillian ‘IT’ Prank is Terrifying!

by | Sep 7, 2017

Ok folks..the wait is over, Stephen King’s ‘IT’ is out this weekend, and I’m sure it’s going to give many of you sleepless nights. But what if you had to  face a scene from the film in real life? Imagine meeting a little boy in a bright yellow slicker asking you to retrieve his paper boat that washed down a drain, only for a clown to pop out of the drains, just as your looking down into the grates. Scared yet? Now i’ve seen many pranks, and I never seen one that I think would scare the willies out of me, but this one, well…it sends shivers down my spine just thinking about it. 

Silvio Santos are the hidden camera crew responsible for this hideous creation, made for the Brazilian network SBT. We have even thrown in a bonus video for you, which shows the making of the prank. 

Get down to the cinema this weekend. Don’t talk to strangers, avoid clowns…enjoy!!


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