Lost Horror Movies Nobody Talks About Anymore

Lost Horror Movies Nobody Talks About Anymore

by | May 15, 2018

“As graphic and horrifying as your imagining!”


Looking back at handful of movie lost to the Ex-Rental bargain buckets, these films are slowly disappearing in to obscurity. Whilst the internet and file sharing  has revived many from the brink, horror fans just aren’t talking about them anymore. 
Youtubers Grunge leads us on this list, looking at some of the best and disturbing titles you really should be looking out for. 

Nowadays, getting your paws on even the most obscure horror flick is as easy as booting up your computer and searching the web. But back in the days of analogue TVs and VCRs, gorehounds of discerning taste weren’t so lucky. In other words: when a horror movie up and vanished, it was all but gone for good. Hope you didn’t plan on sleeping tonight, because these are some of the most obscure horror films lost to time, and they’re so underrated, it’s scary…





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