Why Samuel L. Jackson's Death Scene Was Cut From Jurassic Park

Why Samuel L. Jackson’s Death Scene Was Cut From Jurassic Park

by | Feb 13, 2018

“Hold on to your butts!”

Jurassic Park is an amazing film, and possible one of the greatest man-vs-nature parables to ever rear its head on the big screen. Based on the late Michael Crichton’s best-selling novel, the film differs greatly to it’s book counterpart, but one thing that has bugged people for years is what ever happened to Samuel L. Jackson’s character, Ray Arnold, after he headed off to the shed. Whilst we do find his severed arm, the events leading up to it are still a mystery. 

Samuel L. Jackson revealed recently that he was supposed to shoot his death scene, but a hurricane destroyed the set before he could appear on set. Fan Klayton Fioriti, has looked into what was planned for Arnold, if the shoot had taken place.




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