10 of The Worst Pets in Film

10 of The Worst Pets in Film

by | Oct 17, 2015

Adding a pet into your household can be an exciting and life changing experience. The most popular pets are noted for their loyalty, playfulness and for their attractive appearance.  On the opposite scale, are the critters and creatures that would rather chew off your leg than go for walkies. They are ugly, smelly and dangerous, these creatures would make terrible pets. 10 of The Worst Pets in Film

Ben – Willard (2003)


Being larger and smarter than the other rats, Ben is seen as a leader amongst his furry little brothers and sisters. With an untrusting nature and a dark heart, Ben is more suited to tearing things apart then playing nice and looking cute. This is one furry little critter you’d not want running around your home, for fear of waking up to an army of angry rats, sitting at the end of your bed.


Face Dog – The Body Snatchers (1978)

invasion of the body snatchers

When a race of extraterrestrial jellies take on your average family pooch, the results are horrifying. A mutant dog with a man’s face. Whilst your new best friend may still want to play fetch and go for walks, you’ll be fighting to keep your lunch down as the creepy man face stares back at you. Perfect for freaking out your neighbours, but not great for petting!


Church – Pet Cemetery (1989)


The problem with Micmac Indian burial grounds, sitting beyond the Pet Semetary, is that the ground turned sour. The magic remained, but it’s essence was tainted. Curious cat Church finds himself ripping through this soil, after being buried in the ancient site. However, the essence of the place infused into him leaving him angry, violent and stinking! No amount of shampoo will ever get out that smell and his new found anger runs deep, making him a disturbed and stinky pet!


Ella – Monkey Shines (1988)


Injected with human brain tissue, Monkey Ella display increased intelligence and a telepathic ability that is just killer! This cute little marmoset will take your subconscious feelings for friends and family and externalise them in a murderous rage. The moment your flat mate accidentally deleted one of your tv shows, or uses your shampoo, Ella would be plotting their demise with a cold monkey calmness.


Cujo – Cujo (1983)


When a playfully St. Bernardis bitten by a rabid bat, this family dog is turned into a crazed 260 lb killing machine. Belly scratches and games of fetch are out of the question, this brutal beats would be more interested in gnawing on your face, than on a chew toy.


Ramon – Alligator (1980)


Having being flushed down the toilet and exposed to experimental growth formula, alligator Ramon went from average Joe to mighty Joe, growing to 36 foot with an insatiable hunger. This reptile will literally eat you out of house and home. With a taste for human flesh, Ramon will not be popular with friends and family.


The Chatter Beast – Hellraiser: Bloodline (1996)


Made of the flesh of tortured humans, this monstrous cenobite hound is not for the faint of heart. If the lack of fur and huge dripping fangs don’t put your off, his angry disposition might!


Mogwai – Gremlins (1984)


They might start out as cute little critters, but eventually , just like the Incredible Hulk, the’ll turn green and mean. You’ll be constantly battling to keep them dry and away from food. The moment your washing machine floods or roof leaks, you’ll be over run by mischievous Mogwai. But that’s not even the worst thing that could happen, as these little beast have a nasty habit of transforming into gremlins when they eat after midnight. When you accidentally leave out some dinner leftovers, they will be cocooned and hatching out as the troublesome green creatures before you’ve even realised your mistake. Considering these factors and the additional aversion to sunlight, it’s clear that Mogwais are high maintenance pets.


Critters – Critters (1986)


The Critters are ravenous creatures that exist simply to eat and breed. With razor sharp fangs and poisonous spines, this little balls of fur also have a ferocious appetite. These malevolent creatures can also roll into balls, just like a hedgehog, and combine to form larger more dangerous obstacles.  The major issue with keeping them as pets would be space, as they grow in size as they eat. A few weeks in, and your little critter could be outgrowing your living room. And of course, the bigger they get, the hungrier they are. Being alien in nature, the can’t discern you from any other food you give them, meaning that, sooner than later, you would be chow!


Norwegian Sled Dog – The thing (1982)

The thing

Huskies are beautiful athletic animals. Unless, of course, they are actually just a shape shifting alien creature that metamorphoses into bizarre and terrifying things. Whilst this could be the ultimate party trick, the fun and laughter will soon turn to fear and screams, as you witness your pet ripping inside out and start chewing on your guests faces. If the horrific shapes it twists into don’t give you nightmares for life, the fact that your pet might be slowly taking over your family will. Just the smallest amount of contact with you dog would be enough for it to start transforming you into another alien entity. Stealing your body and thoughts, you may not even know that you have become one of them, until you find your stomaching ripping open into a monstrous mouth. Simply put, this Norwegian Sled Dog could mean the end, not only to you and your family, but to humanity.

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