5 Demonic Boxes in Horror Films

5 Demonic Boxes in Horror Films

by | Nov 2, 2018

Boxes are awesome, they hold all that stuff that we just couldn’t carry without. From presents to, cereal and chocolate, we have a very deep and personal connection to those little containers that are filled with stuff we love.  But despite a long history of affection towards the humble box, sometimes, they contain things we don’t want, such as gremlins, demons and curses…and here are 6 Demonic Boxes In Film you’d be better of not opening.


The Midnight Man (2016)

The Midnight Man (2016) - 6 Demonic Boxes in Horror Films

If Jumanji was a Horror film, it would look a little like the 2016 film The Midnight Man. The film explains that “the game”, packaged neatly in a cardboard box, is played between midnight and 3:33am. The players must avoid being captured by the shadowy figure know only as The Midnight Man, as he unleashes a waking nightmare upon them. Feeding on their greatest fears, he torments and kills the players, as he feeds on their fear and suffering. A dark and twisted tale all wrapped in string inside a small little box!


Hellraiser (1987)

Hellraiser (1987) - 6 Demonic Boxes in Horror Films

Clive Barker’s magnum opus, Hellraiser, is a twisted tale about an antique puzzle box that opens the gate way to another dimension. A clever person may dedicate their time to reveal the boxes secrets, but only a fool would take up the task. Upon solving the Lament Configuration, the Cenobites are called, servants of the beyond, another world that is somewhere between heaven and hell. The Cenobites, twisted humanoid figures that live for the pleasures of pain, will spend an eternity torturing the lost souls that find their way into their hands. Whilst it might seem like fun, best leave this box alone! 


The Possession (2012)

The Possession (2012) - 6 Demonic Boxes in Horror Films

Over the years, we have witnessed some of the strangest film adaptions based on oddities.The Sam Raimi & Robert Tapert produced shocker The Possession, is supernatural horror film based on an ebay purchase. Yep, we have had films based on bubble gum cards , films based on board games and now we have an entire film based on the blurb on an Ebay item.

Whilst the “true-life” story of the dybbuk box is best saved for another day, the film tells the tale of an old wooden box found in yard sale. The young girl who opens the strangely seal box, starts to undergo a terrible and violent transformation. Like any good horror box, The Possession’s wooden container is home to dybbuk, a dislocated spirit with extraordinary power. Upon opening the box, the spirit possessed the young girl and only an exorcism can remove the demon twisted deep inside her. A scary and possible true tale, that comes from the pages of your least favourite shopping outlet! 


Wish Upon (2017)

Wish Upon (2017) - 6 Demonic Boxes in Horror Films

Haunted by the memory of her mother’s suicide, 17-year old Clare Shannon is struggling with her life, until she finds an old Chinese music box during a dumster dive. No, I’m not sure what a dumster dive is either but it sounds pretty disgusting. Anyhow, the box is magic (yippie!) and has the ability to grant “Seven Wishes”. However, as Clare soon finds out, this box comes with a major downside. Whilst the box can grant her wishes, each wish comes at the cost of a life. With such great power in her hands, will the temptation destroy the world around her? Maybe she could wish for a more original story-line that does not rip off the ending to Wishmaster?


Gremlin (2017)

Gremlin (2017) - 6 Demonic Boxes in Horror Films

Being a bastard child of The Ring and the Cat’s Eye short “General”, Gremlin is a tall tale about a box and a boggart.  A man receives a box that is home to a dangerous little gremlin. Unlike Gizmos cheeky Gremlins of the 80s, this nasty little fellow slashes at throats and punctures stomachs in a hatred filled rage. It seems that the Gremlin will kill anyone close to the owner of the box, and that this curse can’t be lifted, but it can be passed on. In order to rid himself of the evil little critter, he must give the box to a loved one. And such is his moral dilemma; does he sit and watch his friends and family die, or pass the curse on to someone else? Either way, that little fella is so damn cute!

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“Hi Horror Fans – Well this little list of BOXES really CUTS me deep, as these films CARRY very well. I can’t CONTAIN myself, how much I love a good CURSE, so never open a gift from me! Did we miss something? We are OPEN to suggestion in the comments below! 

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