6 Deleted Film Scenes That You Have Never Heard of Before!

6 Deleted Film Scenes That You Have Never Heard of Before!

by | Jun 19, 2020

There’s nothing more fun than to explore a DVD or Blu-Ray packed silly with extra features, audio commentaries and deleted scenes. Much like a real life Easter egg, it’s hard to hold back from ripping open the box and getting at the good stuff inside. That said, there are many scenes that have been cut from films that have never seen the light of day. Further still, there are many that folks simply don’t even know exist.

We have looked hard to drag up some of the most unscrutinized deleted scenes that were shot, but never seen. So not only have you never heard about some of these cut film moments, you may well never see them either. Lest discuss these un-discussed little gems with a look at 6 Deleted Film Scenes That You Have Never Heard of Before.


The Goonies (1985) – Gorillas

6 Deleted Film Scenes That You Have Never Heard of Before! -The Goonies - Horror Land

Yes, yes, we all know about the infamous missing octopus scene that was cut from the third half of Richard Donner’s adventure film The Goonies. But that is not what is on our list today. The highly applauded adventure film also lost another special effect set piece that saw a car chase with two Gorillas.

According to early script drafts, the police were meant to accidentally free the two gorillas from their owners’ van. The troublesome twosome, named Bonzo the Great and Bertha, then moved the chase onto the Astoria Country Club. The Gorillas would steal a golf cart from Troy and his dad. A police car was also meant to crash and fall off the docks ( which would have been seen with Stef’s introduction shot). These scenes were shot but for whatever reason, have never been seen. That said, stills and references from this scene can be found, such as in the novel by James Kahn and in several video games.

Source: Goonies Fan Page


The Crow (1994) – Skull Cowboy

The Crow (1994) - Skull Cowboy - 6 Deleted Film Scenes That You Have Never Heard of Before - Horror Land

The Crow is a 1994 dark superhero film directed by Alex Proyas, and based off of a comic book series of the same name. The film is haunted by the tragic death of its main star, Brandon Lee, who was killed on set during one infamous scene. Because of Lee’s death, many scene were not finished, and a different ending had to be produced. The filmmakers used a stunt double to finish the film and many elements were cut. One of these was a character from the comics called Skull Cowboy. This creepy spook was to be Eric Draven’s guide between the worlds of the dead and the living. The film had cast The Hills Have Eyes actor Michael Berryman for the role. They had finished the complex costume which comprised of a long coat, a full face mask and animatronic jaw. Berry had spent hours having his face cast, and even more so in make up getting the getup on. Several scenes were shot with Berry in full costume, but the death of the films main star changed everything. The major changes to the script meant that the character could no longer be in the film without further dialogue from Draven. Sadly, this meant leaving the cowboy on the cutting room floor. 


The Ring (2002) – Serial Killer 

The Ring (2002) - Serial Killer - 6 Deleted Film Scenes That You Have Never Heard of Before - Horror Land

2002 remake of The Ring was widely praised when it came out, but many fans do not realise that a huge section of the film was cut, and it’s one that would have ended the film on a much more satisfying note.

Chris Cooper was hired to play a serial killer that was introduced at the start of the film. Naomi Watts’ Seattle journalist, interviews the killer, who tries to convince her that he is a reformed man. The young journalist doesn’t believe him, and at the end of the film, she passes the tape on to him, knowing that he will get what he deserves.

The test audiences were so blown away by Cooper’s charismatic cameo, that they questioned why he did not have a bigger role in the film. This was a distraction from the films main plot, so director Gore Verbinskiso removed Cooper’s role entirely from the theatrical release. To date, none of his scene have ever been released, nor have any stills surfaced.

Source: Horror Land


The Thing (1982) – MacReady is Human

The Thing (1982) – MacReady is Human - 6 Deleted Film Scenes That You Have Never Heard of Before - Horror Land

John Carpenter’s chilling sci-fi thriller The Thing ended it’s tale on a rather sour note. But, it’s certainly one that fans have been discussing for years since it’s 1982 release. You may, however, be surprised to hear that Carpenter shot a rather different ending that might have closed the film on a more positive note. The scene was shot at Rob Bottin’s special effects facility and was one long shot that followed down deserted industrial hallways, eventually coming to a stop at an open doorway to reveal McCready alive, alone and shivering, seated on a hospital gurney at the far end of the room. No Childs, no burning facilities and no special effects, just MacReady back on the mainland, having a blood test that confirms that he is human. Luckily for everyone, the studio loved Carpenter’s original ending and this scene has never seen the light of day.

Source: The Original Fan


Friday The 13th Part III (1982) – Decapitation Alternate Ending

Friday The 13th Part III (1982) - Decapitation Alternate Ending - 6 Deleted Film Scenes That You Have Never Heard of Before -  Horror Land

The original Friday the 13th film ended in a dream sequence that saw the decomposed body of the dead child Jason Voorhees jumping out of the water to attack the last girl. This little nugget helped to launched the entire franchise as the series continued with the idea that Jason never died. By the time the third hit cinemas, the film makers where hoping on capturing the spirit of the first by having a crazy dream-within-a-dream that would double down on the original.

The film ends with survivor Chris floating out in the middle of the lake, and see Jason jeering at her on the shore, only to realise she had imaged it. Seconds later, she is attacked by the decomposing corpse of Jason’s mother. She wakes up in the back of a Police car, with that entire event being a dream. The original ending was slightly more graphic, with Chris sailing back to shore when she hears one of her friends calling her, only for Jason to pop up from out of a cabin, grab hold of her hair and decapitates her in one swipe. The film then continued with her waking up in the Police car.

For some reason, the film produces decided that beheading their leading lady might be a bit much for cinema goers and so they decided to go with the idea of Jason mum popping up for one last jump scare. This scene is presumable destroyed, lost or sitting in a studio storage somewhere because the scenes have never been seen but stills and behind the scenes images have emerged in recent years.

Source: Friday the 13th Franchise


Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan (1982) – Khan’s Baby Son

Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan - Khan's Baby Son - 6 Deleted Film Scenes That You Have Never Heard of Before - Horror Land

The Star Trek films have always been noticeable inconsistent in their quality, trying to balance big budget effects and set pieces with the ethos and morality set out by the TV series. The films often fall on the idea of having a big villain for the Enterprise crew to get their teeth into, and whilst the likes of Zoran and Ru’afo are nothing more than a footnote in the villain stakes, the one that everyone loved to hate was Khan. 

Heralding from an episode of the original series, Khan Noonien Singh returns to get revenge in the second motion picture Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan. Whilst it is widely seen as one of the best films, many fans are unaware that there was a much darker cut that was altered after test audiences hated it’s grim tone. The film’s ending was lightened with more humor and a voice over by Spock helped to alleviate much of the audiences complaints, but one cut pretty much goes un-spoken about, and it’s no wonder why.

In a scene earlier in the film, Chekov and Terrell comes across a baby in Khan’s ship, The Botany Bay, presumably to show that Khan’s superhumans had been breeding. The two see the kid briefly through  a window before it scuttles away, adding tension as they examine the wreckage of the ancient ship. The baby, which turns out to be Khan’s own toddler son, reappears later in the film, in a pretty dark and sobering moment.  As the USS Reliant is in ruins and Khan is all but defeated, the tyrannical villain activates the Genesis Device, which still sits on the transporter pad. Attracted by the bright pulsing lights of the pad, the baby toddles towards the device, which detonates, killing everyone on board. It’s Star Trek Jim, but not as we know it!

Source: Observation Deck

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