9 Horror Movies to Watch at Easter

9 Horror Movies to Watch at Easter

by | Mar 30, 2018

Other holidays, like Christmas, have a slew of films devoted to them, but Easter sadly lacks behind. If your like us, you’ll be itching to fill your Easter holiday weekend with a bunch of chillers (alongside a shed-load of chocolate eggs!), so we have put together a little list of Easter treats for you to feast your hungry little eyes on.



A Watership Down

A Watership Down - 9 Horror Movies to Watch at Easter

Easter would not be Easter without a few cute bunnies hopping about, and unlike the other rabbits that will pop up on our list, the ones from the animated classic A Watership Down are a little more down to earth.  I know your thinking this films for kids, but I beg to differ! It’s a dark tragic drama that features rabbits being savaged by dogs, being shot at with guns and fighting in a lip ripping, blood spurting paw fights that are still hard to watch. Add a handful of highly charge emotional sequences, a haunting soundtrack and a pinch of Art Garfunkel and you’ve got yourself one hell of an Easter treat. If you still have dry eyes at the end of this one, your must be one of the undead.


Critters 2: The Main Course (1988)

Critters 2: The Main Course (1988) - 9 Horror Movies to Watch at Easter

You want eggs? You got egg! The entire Critters franchise hinges on the fury terrors precious eggs. And this is no more prominent than in 1988 sequel Critters 2: The Main Course. The townsfolk of Grover’s Bend are busy arranging the annual Easter Fayre, with its Easter Egg hunt being its biggest attraction. Throw in a bunch of critters eggs and some screaming children and.. well you get the idea. The films a perfect slice of horror for Easter, including a gory scene with the “Easter Bunny” that will surly make your howl!


The Night Before Easter (2014)

The Night Before Easter (2014) - 9 Horror Movies to Watch at Easter

The Night Before Easter is film made by two horror fans who clearly felt that there were not enough Easter films about.  It’s a low budget, low skilled film about a group of friends who are stalked the night before Easter by an axe-wielding lunatic in a bunny costume. It’s biggest flaw is its lack of budget, which is pretty obvious throughout, but its charm and passion that make this an interesting flick. If you can get over the low-quality production, you’ll find a great film to watch over a chocolate egg.


Atrocious (2010)

Atrocious (2010) - 9 Horror Movies to Watch at Easter

Atrocious takes a different spin on Easter, staying away from the classic tropes of bunnies and eggs. Instead, a brother and sister decide to spend their Easter break ghost-hunting in woods close to their summer house. The found film format might be a little overdone now, but if you have a little space left for one more, fit in Atrocious for a gruesome thrill ride this Easter.


Easter Casket (2013)

Easter Casket (2013) - 9 Horror Movies to Watch at Easter

All hell breaks loose when The Easter Bunny hears that the Catholic Church is about to do away with all Easter rituals. Easter Casket is another low budget bunny flick, but with a few films under his belt Director Dustin Wayde Mills is showing real potential, with some great effects and camera work. It’s never going to win any award, but who wouldn’t love a film that includes gun wielding bunnies. The performances are very amateurish, but Easter Casket rather reminds me of Peter Jackson early work.


Resurrection (1999)

Resurrection (1999) - 9 Horror Movies to Watch at Easter

Resurrection is a blatant rip -off of Se7en, but still delivers a one-two punch to the gut in it’s own right. With storing visual style and an intense story, this serial killer film counts down the days to Easter with a series of ever brutal killings. Safe to say that this one is pretty gory!


Beaster Day: Here Comes Peter Cottenhell (2014)

Beaster Day: Here Comes Peter Cottenhell (2014) - 9 Horror Movies to Watch at Easter

This Troma-esque horror about a giant killer mutant Easter Bunny is sure to go down a treat over the holidays. Filled with blood, guts, boobs and buts, it’s a real horror show of adolescent fun. Beaster Day is puerile nonsense filled with terrible CGI and awful acting, but that’s exactly the type of thing you need whilst nursing your third of fourth beer.


Easter Bunny, Kill! Kill! (2006)

Easter Bunny, Kill! Kill! (2006) - 9 Horror Movies to Watch at Easter

Whilst we have quite a few light-hearted films on the list, Easter bunny Kill! Kill! Is a brutal and intense slasher which will surely shock. The film sees a murderer wearing a rabbit mask exacts revenge against the abusers of a handicapped child. It’s badly shot, a little long in the tooth at times, but it’s a real blood-splattered gut wrencher.


Easter Sunday (2014)

Easter Sunday (2014) - 9 Horror Movies to Watch at Easter

This love letter to early 80’s slasher is horror comedy that so desperately wants to be something more than it is. Filled with plenty of gore and gratuitous nudity, this supernatural serial killer film is the perfect dose of horror for your Easter viewing, but it lacks a little something. Whilst the gore flows and the breasts bounce, the film struggle with it’s uptight humour. Whilst the film is good, the humour is stilted and it’s the films biggest flaw. Overlooking that, and you have an awesome film about an undead crazy, hacking his victims in a glowing eyed bunny costume. High brow stuff indeed!

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