Killer Dolls


With their painted faces and tiny eyes, creepy dolls have been haunting our conciousness for decades. Never has this been  more true than in film. Moving away from ventriloquist dolls , we look at the animated toys that have been been terrorising us for decades,  good old Killer Dolls!

Asylum : Mannikins of Horror (1972)


Dr. Byron is working on transferring souls to small creepy automatons. They are made of plastic and rubber on the outside, but on the inside they are flesh and blood. These dolls are slow and gross, exploding open to reveal gooey, wet bits.

trilogy of terror : Amelia (1975)


This Zuni fetish doll, crafted in the form of a misshapen aboriginal warrior, comes equipped with razor sharp teeth and a spear. It contains the actual spirit of a Zuni hunter and the only thing keeping the sole inside is a gold chain round it’s waist.

Dolls (1987)


These dolls are more than just plastic and paint, each one contains the soul of a sinful person. Murder and cursed, these people are forever trapped inside the toys, compelled to punish the un-moral who enter their domain.

Child’s Play (1988)


Chucky is a good guy. He’s your moving talking friend till the end. The only problem is that a serial killer’s soul is trapped inside, and he want out. This mean talking midget is smart, funny and deadly.

Puppet Master (1989)


Andre Toulon discovered the secrets to bringing inanimate objects to life. Inspired by his love of puppetry, he brought his beloved creations to life. Conscious and intelligent, the puppets will do anything to please their “Puppet Master”.

Dolly Dearest (1991)


Possed by a evil Mayan spirit, Dolly Dearest is not your average doll. This plastic princess wants nothing more than to take over the mind of her new owner for her own evil gains.

Demonic Toys (1992)


These seemingly harmless playthings are in reality the avatars of powerful demons, who just want to cause havoc and mayhem. With sharp teeth and evil intentions, best stay clear of these little play pals.

Tales from the Hood : KKK Comeuppance (1995)


An old plantation is haunted by the spirits of the tortured slaves that lived and died there. These restless spirits have animated the dolls and are looking for revenge against the evil racist bigots that put them in their graves.

Blood Dolls (1999)


Created by a crazed masked scientist this troop of vicious dolls are sent out to seek violently avenge against the people that have wronged him. 

Doll Graveyard (2005)


The tormented, century old spirit, of a young girl posses the dolls that a young boy discovers. These animated terrors seek revenge against the teenagers who torment their new master.

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