Movie Poster Cliches – Eyes Covered

Movie Poster Cliches – Eyes Covered

by | Jul 1, 2017

Sometimes justice is blind. There is a growing trend in posters that sees our heroes blinded by the films title. Sometimes they are blinded by the truth, such as in the series of poster for Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, other times, injustice has blinded them from the resolution they search for. Either way, removing the hero’s eyes has a strong message to the viewer, that there will be much to be discovered throughout the films run time.  The following gallery will discover Movie Poster Cliches – Eyes Covered.

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“Sup Horror Fans – How could I have been so BLIND not see this recurring theme? It looks like the creativity of poster designers is sadley lacking, with these cliched posters appearing again and again. Are there any other cliches that we should look at? Let us know in the comments below.

Keep Rotten”


“Morti” The Mortician





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