Jigsaw Joins “Dead By Daylight”

by | Jan 18, 2018

Blimey, get ready for something different in your favorite asymmetric survival horror game. It looks like Jigsaw is about to join the killer ranks in Behaviour Interactive’s intensive survival horror Dead By Daylight.  The game takes place in one of seven maps, and sets four survivors the challenge of escaping. Snapping at their bloodied heel will be one of the games varied killers, ready to slash, hack and stab players into an early grave. The game recently added some licenced Killers, with Leatherface, Michael Myers and Freddy Kruger all available to play as DLC.

A new video, hinting at Jigsaws upcoming announcement, sent shockwaves through the gaming community, as players took to interwebs to discuss just what Jigsaw will bring to the game. The killers generally just slash at the victims with weapons before dragging them onto hooks, but this does not fit Jigsaws USP, who never actually kills anyone, but sets up complicated traps in which his victims must escape. This leads many to suggest that the new killer might not even physically touch the players, instead he might snare players inside traps.

There are no real details yet, but I’m also hoping for a new player character to coincide with Jigsaw, such as Detective David Tapp, which will help to counteract any new game playing elements. 

You can watch the video below.

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