5 CREEPIEST True Scary Stories On Reddit

5 CREEPIEST True Scary Stories On Reddit

by | Jul 30, 2019

“His face was scabbed and leathery” 


Love them or hate them, Horror Narrations are growing in popularity, mostly because it’s an easy way of dropping videos with very little writing or production. I wanted to share with you one that looks at 5 differents stories that apparently are real (because they appear on Reddit or course!) Whilst the stories are a little hard to swallow as being REAL, with a lot of the details not really adding up. But as always, I’ll let you be the judge on that. Enjoy these creepy little stories narrated by the gravelly toned Corpse Husband. Here are 5 CREEPIEST Most Popular True Scary Stories On Reddit. From online dating to spooky patio dwellers, these stories are damn creepy!


These are some of the most upvoted true scary stories found on the r/LetsNotMeet subreddit used with expressed permission from each of the users who posted them who we definitely appreciate for letting me use them. Please baby don’t leave, I can change, i’ve been working on my self pls. I know we talked and things were weird for awhile, but i’ve been working on myself. I didn’t mean that last text babygirl please.
PHD doctor corpsey? you remember that? i’ve still got my papers. cooking with corpsey? those blueberry muffins we made? God, just remember those times, wow. All for you bbgirl


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