Child’s Play 3 – The Black Sheep

Child’s Play 3 – The Black Sheep

by | Jun 19, 2019

The Child’s Play series has been running since 1988, when Chucky first hit cinema screens, and with seven films in is current run (and a remake out this week) it’s easy to have your favourite and least favorite films in the series. JoBlo Videos look at what they think is the Black Sheep of the entire series, Child’s Play 3, which continues the story of Andy Barclay and his misadventures with his bestest friend. Whilst I don’t agree that the video really gave us much evidence to support its claim of being “The Black Sheep”, it’s an interesting breakdown of how the third film entry changed it’s tone and pacing, and how it set the pace for future films. Here is Child’s Play 3 – The Black Sheep. Enjoy…


With the release of the Child’s Play remake hitting this week, we take a look at the red-headed stepchild of the original series, Child’s Play 3, which takes place 8 years after the events of Child’s Play 2 and sees a teenage Andy facing off against the doll that won’t seem to die.





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