"Critters" Peanut Butter Eggs Recipe

“Critters” Peanut Butter Eggs Recipe

by | Mar 26, 2018

With Easter upon us, it’s important to pick the right egg to celebrate the most delicious of holidays. With very little Easter based horror films out there to take inspiration from, The Homicidal Homemaker has looked towards a fan favourite series for ideas.  The entire critters series hinges on large spotted Crite eggs, and it’s the perfects series on which to base a tasty horror treat! “Critters” Peanut Butter Eggs Recipe.


Every spring, the store shelves are filled with some of my favorite treats – marshmallow chicks, egg-shaped chocolate malt balls, and of course, my ultimate favorite…peanut butter filled eggs. But making peanut butter filled eggs is super easy to do at home, and as usual, I wanted to put a horror twist on them, and the first thing that came to mind was the Easter Egg Hunt scene from Critters 2.


So this year, fill those Easter baskets up with these homemade jumbo peanut butter eggs, inspired by Critters.



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