Cut ‘Super Mario Bros’ Scene Clears up Mess

Cut ‘Super Mario Bros’ Scene Clears up Mess

by | Nov 6, 2019

British directing couple Annabel Jankel and Rocky Morton literally fought tooth and nail to get the live action adaptation of Super Mario Bros Movie in the can. The hectic and often chaotic production lipped into cinematic legend for all the wrong reasons. With sulky actors, interfering investors, disruptive producer and a screenplay that was constantly changing, it’s amazing that the film was finished at all. So it’s no wonder that so much of the film ended up on the cutting room floor.

Just recently, the team at have been unarchiving cut footage from the film, thanks to a VHS that once belonged to the films producer Roland Joffé. The VHS was bought off of EBAY and on the tape was an early version of Super Mario Bros that was 15 minutes longer than the theatrical release. And one of these cutscene finally clears up a confusing moment in the film.

In the Devo chamber scene that shows poor toad being turned into a goomba, the brothers push Koopa (Dennis Hopper) into the machine. But in a weird moment of “where did that come from?” Koopa is caught off guard thanks to a slippery green mess on the floor. A cut scenes explains exactly where the green goo came from. Just after toad gets zapped, a hapless Devo technician sneezes and catches Koopers ire, resulting him being de-evolved into a primordial puddle of slime. It’s a shame that the scene was cut as it would have cleverly foreshadowed Koopas demise.

The scene also extend after as well, explained how Koopa built the Devo machine and may have even helped to evolve the species into the human-like creatures we see in the film. The scenes a little rough, but you can check out the entire scene below. Enjoy!



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