Evolution of Terminator Games 1991-2019

Evolution of Terminator Games 1991-2019

by | Jun 3, 2020

Back when video gaming was still something frowned upon by the general concession of all them popular people you knew, video game companies discovered a brand new genre that was super easy to exploit, the feature film video game adaption.  By the 1990’s any big release was met with a video game adaption which usually came out weeks before the movie, sucked like a man with no lips and completely ruined the plot of the film. No film series was more mined for it’s video game worthiness than the Terminator franchise, which spawn more games than Final Fantasy. Taking us through the many years of games, with some being more playable than others, is you-tuber Alex SandOr, with a video called Evolution of Terminator Games 1991-2019. Try not to gnaw your own leg off…and enjoy! 



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