What If The Purge Was Actually Real?

What If The Purge Was Actually Real?

by | Feb 22, 2018

“Nothing is ever going to be okay again.”


Ready to purge? The 2013 American dystopian horror film The Purge was a surprise hit for all involved, considering that the $3 million home invasion movie has gone on to make $319 million with two sequels and one more on the way in 2018. The films plot revolves around a government mandate that allows any crimes to take place for 12 hours once a year, as a form of therapy control on the populace.  The idea has certainly got people talking about what they would do during the purge. Whilst any level headed person would pack a week long holiday during this deadly event, what would really happen to the brave souls that stayed behind?  Lifes Biggest Questions has a STAB at answering this much debated topic. Purge away….

“What If The Purge Was Actually Real? The Purge is a very popular movie where you can legally hurt someone without getting charged for 1 day. What if this actually existed? Watch to find out as we explore this topic.”




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