Tree Dies in ‘Happy Death Day’ Alternate Ending

Tree Dies in ‘Happy Death Day’ Alternate Ending

by | Jan 25, 2018

Happy Death arrived on Blu-Ray and DVD recently, and the Groundhog Day styled horror slasher is bound to make an impact on the home market. We are looking at one of the special features on newly released film, but beware of spoilers.

“Did you really think you’d get away with screwing my husband?”


In the film, college student Tree Gelbman finds herself looping the same day over as a psycho killer hunts her down. Tree is forced to be murdered day after day, as she struggles to find the true identity of her killer. The film actually ends with Tree discovering that her roommate Lori is the killer, and a bedroom brawl ends in the death of her would be(had been) murderer. The final scene sees her wake up in bed the very next day, meaning she has broken the curse. 

But in the original ending for Happy Death Day, which test audiences rejected, Tree wakes up in the hospital only to find herself at the mercy of another assassin. The Vengeful wife of Dr. Butler sneaks in to the hospital, dressed as a nurse, ready to dish out her own justice. You can find this and many other features on the Blu-Ray/DVD Release USBlu-Release UK.

other features include:

  • Alternate Ending & Deleted Scenes
  • Worst Birthday Ever!
  • Behind the Mask: The Suspects
  • The Many Deaths of Tree

Enjoy the video below!



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