When Birthday Parties End in Horror

When Birthday Parties End in Horror

by | Sep 7, 2018

It’s my party and I can cry if I want to. We all like a little cake once in a whilst, and there’s no better way of getting the sweet bakes on the table than throwing a little soirée to celebrate your name day. So let’s look at when parties go wrong!  Just to set the rules here folks, whilst films such as Bloody birthday do involves birthday parties, we are looking at one that end in bloodshed or otherwise pave way for death and destruction. Just a fun little list of films that started out with good intention but ended in death, destruction and healthy side order of claret. Let us look at When Birthday Parties End in Horror!

Demons 2 (1986)

The Plot: Frustrated party girl Sally Day locks herself in her bedroom when her boyfriend does not attend her sixteenth birthday party. As her friends try to persuade her to return to the party, a demon emerges from her television set and posses the teen girl. Returning to the party, Sally undergoes an horrific transformation into a violent demon and sets upon her guests, turning the party into a screaming blood bath.

The Cake: A Jam Sponge with icing, topped with creme and cherries.

Clown (2014)

The Plot: Kent McCoy is a loving, but constantly working, husband and father who hosts a birthday for his son. When the booked entertainer fails to show up, Kent puts on an old clown costume he finds in a basement. The wig, costume and red nose adhere to his skin and Kent slowly starts to transform into a child eating demon.

The Cake: A sugar creme sponge and icing in a shape of a clown. Because what kid doesn’t love clowns!

The Omen (1976)

The Plot: Being the son of the devil comes with a few downsides. One being overly eager worshippers literally dying to get your attention. Damien’s fifth birthday party ends with a real downer, as his nanny publicly hangs herself, in front of a huge crowd of kids and parents.

The Cake: A chocolate cake of non·de·script filling, but we’re pretty sure it’s a ‘Moist Devils Food Cake’. Perfect for a group of screaming kids and a the demonic embodiment of evil. 

Stitches (2012)

The Plot: A rubbish clown with the stage name “Stitches” dies in a freak accident during a kid’s 10th birthday party. Due to an usually clown pledge and a mystic egg, Stitches returns from the grave, a few years later, to get his bloody revenge and to finish the show he started six years before.

The Cake: No cake, just a bowl of wobble red jelly! What a let down!

Rabid Grannies (1988)

The Plot: Two elderly sisters invite their family over to celebrate their birthdays, but a cursed present  turns the two sweet grannies into hideous demons, intent on knocking off their greedy relatives. Rabid Grannies is a gore fuelled thrill ride into a party gone horrible wrong. Filled with grotesque creatures, screaming victims and enough flying limbs to fill several large buckets.

The Cake: A tiered sponge cake server with icing and meringue. Covered with a lavish spray of blood! Yummy! 

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