10 Horror Movie Sex Scenes with Terrifying Consequences

10 Horror Movie Sex Scenes with Terrifying Consequences

by | Feb 5, 2021

Context is everything! I’ve often found that horror films that push nudity or sex into a film just for the sake of the cheap thrill. Whilst there are many horror films that are filled with gratuitous nudity and wild sex scenes, much of which is completely unnecessary to pushing the films story forward, there are many films that use sex as a lynch pin to a terrible consequence later in the film. In the following list, we look at those moments of passion that gave way to terror. Here are 10 Horror Movie Sex Scenes with Terrifying Consequences.

(We don’t find breasts offensive here, but some of you might! So this is a warning that there may be images here that some people may find offensive. We have, however, called in our Modesty Cat to censor some of the more graphic moments. You have been WARNED! Meow)


Puppet Master (1989) – Murdered

10 Horror Movie Sex Scenes with Terrifying Consequences - Puppet Master (1989) – Horror Land

In Puppet Master, assailed by nightmarish visions, a group of psychics descend on the Bodega Bay Inn. There, they discover that their compatriot Neil has apparently committed suicide, and a band of homicidal marionettes are running around the hotel. Taking to their rooms for the night, two of the guest decide to get up to some kinky shenanigans, involving a blindfold and restraints.

Carissa and Frank’s very loud sex not only disrupts the other guests, but it attracts the attention of the killer puppets. They sneak into the room and murder the couple in a bloody rampage. Tunneler, a puppet with a drill for a head,  kills Carissa by drilling into her face when she inspects a noise coming from under the bed and Leech Woman vomits leeches onto Frank, sucking him dry.  If Frank had not been tied up and blindfolded, the couple may just have got out alive.


An American Werewolf in London (1981)/Paris (1997) – Lycanthropy

10 Horror Movie Sex Scenes with Terrifying Consequences - An American Werewolf in London (1981)/Paris (1997) – Lycanthropy – Horror Land

An American Werewolf in London follows tourist David Kessler, who becomes a werewolf following an attack on the Yorkshire Moors. Resting in hospital he falls for his nurse, Alex Price, and the two have a steamy session in the shower. However, his lunar activities lead him on a murderous rampage in central London, which draws the attention of armed police. They trap David in a blind passage and gun him down.

But whilst David’s curse ends in a dingy little London alley, Alex Price’s nightmare is just about to begin. Their little romantic rendezvous resulted in Alex becoming infected. Lycanthropy is apparently transmitted through sexual intercourse, as well as bites or scratches.

In An American Werewolf in Paris, the story continues through Alex and David’s child, Serafine Pigot, who was born a Werewolf. Making matter worse, Serafine’s stepfather created a drug to control werewolf transformations. However, the drug actually forces werewolves to immediately transform into their beast form. As a result, she killed her mother and savaged her stepfather, turning him into a werewolf too. So much death and torment thanks to one little romantic shower.


Deadgirl (2008) – Infected

Deadgirl (2008) – Infected

Deadgirl is a deeply disturbing film about two high school seniors who discover a naked zombie girl chained up in the basement of an abandoned psychiatric hospital. Being two young horny teens, they decide to use the girl as a sex slave, and repeatedly rape the “dead girl!”

Having trouble with a school bully, one of the teens brags about their conquest, which leads to the bully forcing the two teens to show him the girl. But the bully gets a bitter end, when he tries to get the dead girl to perform fellatio on him. As you would suspect, the girl bites the bully’s penis, infecting him with the zombie virus. The next day, the bully dies a horrible death, with his intestines spilling from his body, as he turns into a zombified state.


Thinner (1996)

10 Horror Movie Sex Scenes with Terrifying Consequences - Thinner (1996) – Horror Land

Thinner is a dark tale from the pen of Stephen King, which tells the tale of Billy Halleck, an obese, upper class lawyer who accidently runs over an old Romani gypsy woman whilst his wife is giving him oral sex. Thanks to his connection, Billy is unlawfully acquitted of murder and walks away from the crime unpunished.

Appalled by the injustice, the dead girls farther, Tadzu Lempke, places a curse on Billy by touching his face and uttering “Thinner”. Other curses are placed on the corrupt barrister and police chief that cheated the family their true justice.

The curse starts to shed the pounds off Billy, and whilst at first it seems like a miracle weight loss, he starts to realise that it will kill him. He hires a hitman to gun down Romani camp, which forces Tadzu to lift the curse. Chanting a spell, Tadzu mixes Billy’s blood into a strawberry pie. Tadzu states that if someone else eats the pie, the curse will kill them quickly and Billy will be spared. He urges Billy to eat the pie himself and die with dignity, but Billy refuses.

Billy has grown suspicious that his wife is cheating on him, and he gives the pie to her. However, he wakes the next day to discover that his young daughter has also eaten some of the pie. His unwillingness to admit his crimes completely destroys his own family, all thanks to a quick blowjob in a car.


The Hunger (1983) – Immortality

10 Horror Movie Sex Scenes with Terrifying Consequences - The Hunger (1983) – Horror Land

The Hunger is an erotic horror film directed by Tony Scott, starring Catherine Deneuve, David Bowie, and Susan Sarandon. Deneuve stars as Miriam Blaylock, an ancient vampire who’s lust for blood is only equalled by her quest to find an eternal love. Upon drinking her blood, her partners are imbued with eternal life. Unlike Miriam, who can stay young as long as she drinks blood, her partners youth is short lived.

Her latest squeeze, John (Bowie), is starting to show signs of aging. And he quickly goes from 30 to 200 in 24 hours. He does not die, but instead is left incapacitated in a crippled body, which Miriam places in a coffin and seals him in the attic, along with her past loves.

Miriam quickly picks her next partner and seduces Sarah Roberts (Sarandon). The two engage in a steamy romp, during which Miriam bites her arm and some of Miriam’s blood enters Sarah’s body, condemning the poor woman to a potential eternity stuck inside a wooden box.


Society (1992) – Eaten

10 Horror Movie Sex Scenes with Terrifying Consequences - Society (1992) – Horror Land

The creepy gross-out horror Society is a un-subtle parody on the difference between classes. The film tells the tale of the Upper-class, who are a completely different species to normal humans. They enjoy lavish life styles whilst they literally feed off of the poor and working class.

The Society throw mass orgies, where they begin “shunting” , physically deforming and melding with each other. But it’s not just about weird fetishes and bizarre sexual practices; every party needs a snack, and it’s poor humans that are on the menu. Unsuspected people are brought into the party, and the Society meld with them, sucking all the sustenance from their body.


Gerald’s Game (2017) – Death and Deformity

Gerald's Game (2017) - Death and Deformity

Another story by horror writer Stephen King, Gerald’s Game is a story of a sex game that goes horribly wrong. Jessie and Gerald arrive at an isolated lake house in the hope of reviving their marriage with a wild weekend away. Gerald tries to play out a stranger rape fantasy and handcuffs Jessie to the bed. Feeling humiliated, Jessie protests, causing a heated argument which results with Gerald having a fatal heart attack.

Hand cuffed to the bed, Jessie is stuck, with only her own trouble psyche to keep her company, and she slowly faces a potential death by dehydration or hunger.  After a couple of days, she manages to get hold of a glass and slice her wrists, allowing her to pull her hand through, whilst also degloving her hand. Jessies, now a widow, suffers a trouble rehabilitation, mentally and physically. All thanks to a little kinky fun and a pair of handcuffs.


Teeth (2007) – Castration

10 Horror Movie Sex Scenes with Terrifying Consequences - Teeth (2007) – Horror Land

Teeth is a lurid and graphic horror that puts a feminist spin on horror classic movie tropes, and weaves a cautionary tale against promiscuity. The film follows Dawn O’Keefe, a girl who discovers that she has razor sharp teeth in her vagina. The film heavily pushes the message of abstinence, but for one lad, his sexual misconducts come at a grave price.

Dawn is introduced to Tobey, who she instantly becomes attracted to. During a romantic swim, Tobey pushes himself upon Dawn, who struggles to escape and is momentarily knocked unconscious. She wakes to find Tobey having sex with her, and her body responds by biting of her rapist’s penis. A horrified Dawn stumbles away to safety. She returns to the scene of the crime but only finds Tobey’s severed penis. His body is found days later, having died of shock or blood loss. Moral of the story, keep it in your pants, unless you want it coming off. Lorena Bobbitt would be proud!


Species (1995) – The End of the World (Maybe?…)

10 Horror Movie Sex Scenes with Terrifying Consequences - Species (1995) – Horror Land

Species (1995)  was the break out film for actress Natasha Henstridge, who stars as alien seductress  Sil, who escapes from the lap she was grown in. A team of scientists must track down Sil before she can mate with a human, which would lead to offspring that could destroy the entire human race.

Sil is a bit choosey though and can sense imperfections in her male partners, and sets her sights upon one of the scientist, Dr. Stephen Arden,  trying to track Sil down. Arden does not recognise the alien succubus, and falls for her seduction, leading to his death shortly after her “impregnation”.  Sil gives birth in the sewers, but the hunters are close behind, and she and her child are incinerated.

The film ends with a rat chewing on one of Sil’s severed tentacles; it starts to mutate into a vicious beast and devours another rat, hinting that the alien menace is still at large.


Midsommar (2019) – Sacrificed

10 Horror Movie Sex Scenes with Terrifying Consequences - Midsommar (2019) – Horror Land

Midsommar, directed by Ari Aster, is a unsettling and sinister film that explores a fabled Swedish midsummer festival. The chilling film is a dark and disturbing journey into a strange part of the world. It also features one of the most bizarre and humiliating sex scenes in horror movie history.  

The scene is set as one of the locals set her sights on an American tourist called Christian. She bakes him a pie with her pubic hair in it, coerces him into taking psychedelic drugs, and railroads him into a surreal sex ritual. The scene involves older naked female members of the town, watching the couple copulate, as they making encouraging sex sound, and push on Christians bum. It’s easily the most uncomfortable and creepy scene in the film. Sadly, for Christian, the ritual has only just begun.

With the coupling over, the true terror begins. With the villager now “impregnated”; in accordance to the ritual, Christian is detained, stuffed inside the skin of a bear and burnt alive inside a shrine.

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