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A selection of edits for behind the scenes and showreels.


Adult Only Videos

You have to be over 18 to catche these. Blood guts and gore.

The Goriest Splatter Horror Films You’ve Never Seen (Probably)!

7 Movie Things You’ll Regret Putting in Your Mouth!

Latest Articles by Luke

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Looking at 10 scenes that you may never get to see!

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10 moments in films that only HD versions revealed

The Other Voorhees

Looking at Actress, Producer & Director Deborah Voorhees of Voorhees Films and her amazing career.

8 Movie Trailers That Feature Horror Scores

Looking at the trailers that to stroke an emotional chord with horror film scores

How Old is Michael Myers?

We look at the Halloween Franchise and break down Myer’s age in every single film

Luke has been a horror fans since a very young age. When he’s not writing about his favorite genre, he can be found working professionally in London as a Technical Manager for a production animation company.

“Vampires are not brooding or lovesick and they never Sparkle in sunlight, they burst into flames, explode and die!”


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