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We’ve put together a list of the best horror movies for every occasion.

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A nasty little list of films that doused their stars in torrents or gore!

The Shining Axe Retires From Acting

Bob Axe is stepping back from acting after an epic career working with top name directors and actors.

13 Terrifying Found Footage Films (That Should’ve Stayed Lost)

We look at 13 horrifying found footage films to curdle your blood.

The 13 Best Werewolf Movies of All Time – Scary Lycanthrope Films

A look at the best genre films that get a little hairy!

Luke has been a horror fans since a very young age. When he’s not writing about his favorite genre, he can be found working professionally in London as a Technical Manager for a production animation company.

“Vampires are not brooding or lovesick and they never Sparkle in sunlight, they burst into flames, explode and die!”


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