Movie Poster Movement – Salem’s Lot

Movie Poster Movement – Salem’s Lot

by | Apr 29, 2022

Never underestimate the creativity of fans. If there is one thing we love to do here at Horror.Land, its to celebrate movies, art, & design! So we thought “why not combine the three?” In our new series, Movie Poster Movement, we look at the fan made creations that are simply awe-inspiring in their effort and creativity. Featuring the best alternative movie posters and artwork. 

In our second instalment, we look at the artist that have bitten into the cult classic 1975 TV Mini Series Salem’s Lot. These artist know darkness… and darkness was enough to conjure up these monuments of evil that capture the true terror that lies in the little town of Salem’s Lot.





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“Hello Horror Fans – I think we’ve bitten off more hART then we can CHEW! These  blood sucking posters SCREAM of creativity, but harbor a DARKNESS that would take the very last BREATH from my throat! What do you think? Leave a Comment below, tell us what fan film posters we should cover next? Until next time Goblins…

Keep Rotten”


“Morti” The Mortician



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