Dead by Daylight Announces ‘Ringu’

by | Dec 15, 2021

Dead by Daylight already has a massive bunch of licensed male killers on it’s ever growing roster, which is why it’s always great when they branch out to use female antagonist when it gets the chance. When Behaviour Interactive brought Saw to DBD, they decided to choose Amanda Young over Jigsaw himself, adding to the balance of different sexed killers. Well, the world of DBD is about to balance out even more, as Ringu is about to enter the fog.

Ringu, is the name of the original 1998 Japanese horror film, which was later turned into an American remake called The Ring. The announcement video shows woodland setting, with the sounds of a phone ringing in the background, before we focus on the infamous well in which Sadako Yamamura died in. Whilst we know very little at this point, we can assume that this is a full fledged chapter, with a Killer, Survivor and map being added to the game. Lets throw our cards on the table and guess that Sadako will be the killer and survivor will be newspaper reporter Reiko Asakawa. As for the new map, I’m guessing it will be the heavily forested Izu Peninsula, which feature very prominently in the original film. 

There is no mention of Gore Verbinski remake, and all the titles are for the Japanese Ringu, so it’s safe to say that we’ll not be seeing Naomi Watts running around in Dead by Daylight any time soon. 

Chapter 23 will arrive March 2022, so Chapter Behaviour has plenty of time to show off the ne gaming mechanics that will be coming with Sadako, her well and the ringing phone. Whilst the well may make a cool alternative to the escape hatch, I firmly believe we’ll be stepping into the shoes of Patrick Bateman, and we’ll all be returning some Video Tapes.

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