The ‘Elvira: Mistress of the Dark’ Blu-ray Has Been Cancelled

by | Aug 3, 2017

Some bad news for anyone who ordered the limited edition ‘Elvira: Mistress of the Dark‘ or ‘Hell Comes To Frog Town’ Blu-Ray, they have just been cancelled.

After months of delays, Cinespectral Films have finally thrown in the towel, as their web site and twitter accounts have gone offline. The only news on whats going on is a single post on facebook which reads

“We have to apologise for the recent silence. Unfortunately we have to confirm that the release of ELVIRA, MOTD and HELL COMES TO FROGTOWN on Blu-ray for now is being put on hold. “

The company, along with the movie2shop have now gone, with no emails or anyway of contacting the company. Customers have reported bounce back from enquiries, via emails to both the site and shop. The last contact was back in June when they emailed customers the following message.

Unfortunately, we have to apologize for just another delay. For reasons that are out of our control and connected to the non-off-the-shelve media book manufacturing process, we have to set the final release date on 7/28/2017.

Back in May they emailed with news on a huge issues with quality checks, which made it sound like the biggest problem was with the manufacturers of the Blu-Ray sets.

The mediabooks failed the quality check on two aspects. The first one was that the metal foil had minor issues on its outlines, which might have led to peel off effects on the white area which borders on it. The second issue was the glue which is used on the first two and last two pages of the booklet. Contrary to tacked booklets the bound in booklet is made in a different way. The first two and last two pages are a fixed part of the mediabook, while the remaining part of the booklet gets bound in. The pages 2 and 3 have a small glued area to the inside (approx. 5mm) and then the same on the end of the booklet. If you want to get an idea you should probably imagine a very thick magazine. It is pretty much the same, contrary to a thinner tacked magazine. Done right, the bound in booklet is much more stable, especially on a higher page-count.

We tried to figure a feasible solution with the manufacturer within the last two weeks to match the shipping date or a shorter delay. However this would have compromised the quality of the packaging on a high price product and caused negative effect on the customer satisfaction.

We want to provide a flawless product and exactly what our customers have ordered.

The only solution to get sure that this will happen is to restart production of the packaging.

So with further issues at the distribution level, the whole shipment has now been cancelled.

They have announced that all customers will get a refund, but honestly… without any way of directly contacting them, and without any confirmation in email, it looks like a lot of people could be out of pocket. It does seem, that there is at least one light on, as someone has been frantically replying to messages on facebook. they state they will sell the discs and designs to a different company and that everyone will get a refund.

You’ll get the money back and you’ll eventually get the chance to order nearly the same product from some other distributor. And that is SIMPLY THE TRUTH.

One thing is for sure, even if they say that the company has NOT gone into administration, as they mention on facebook, the company’s reputation has been thoroughly tarred and feathered. Lets hold out hope for the quick sale and release of this set soon.

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