Extended Submission Deadline for TromaDance

by | May 9, 2017

Great news for any fledgling film makers, the 18th annual TromaDance Film festival is extending its deadline for its for film competition.  So if you have something terrifying, gory and overtly sexy up your dirty sleeve, nows the time to show it off. 

TromaDance is the brainchild of Lloyd Kaufman, Troma Entertainment’s awsome President and South Park co-creator Trey Parker, who dreamed of a true independent alternative to the more elitist Sundance Film Festival. 

Where most film festival charge film makers for film entry and attendance, TromaDance is free. All screenings and panels are free to the public and even film entry is completely without charge, making this a great opportunity to get your work seen by real industry film makers. 

The deadline for submissions slipped past you in April 30, 2017, but Kaufman just recently made this statement.

“There’s a massive groundswell of filmmakers who are asking to submit to TromaDance after the deadline. The attraction to TromaDance is understandable and we are happy to extend the deadline to June 1st. After all, a film festival is like sex, better when it’s free!”

The festival also has screenings,competitions panel discussion, all of which have yet to be announced. More updates as they come…



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