James Wan is Re-Making ‘Arachnophobia’

by | Jun 12, 2018

Give me sharks, vampires, demons and spooks, but for the love all of things good, don’t let me near a goddamn spider! 

As it is, the fates are against me this week, as Deadline shook out a nasty little treat from inside a shoe, apparently James Wan is planning a remake of one of the creepiest films around, Arachnophobia. 

“Amblin and James Wan’s Atomic Monster are the early stages of a remake of Arachnophobia”

Steven Spielberg-produced the original film, about a deadly species of South American  spider that breeds with a house spider and causes chaos in small California town. It’s poetic that Wan, an established director and writer or horror (just like Spielberg in his hayday), will also jump into the shoes on producer for this remake. He better check inside those shoes though… these spiders bite! 



No more news than that really, but I’ll certainly NOT being keeping my ear to the ground on this one. Nope…your on your own with this one!

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