Did Last Nights Game of Thrones Foreshadow a Major Death?

by | Jul 18, 2017

Hey Horror Fans, Happy Tuesday to you! As you may well know, last night saw the season 7 premiere of Game of Thrones, and it was jam packed full of greatness. We saw the Hound lament over the death of a farm girl (which he’s semi-responsible for), Arya Stark’s genocidal revenge on the Freys and The North preparing for war! But I think one of the episodes more subtle moments might have passed us all by. The foreshadowing of a major characters death!

One of the great things about George R Martins writing is how unpredictable he is. And one of the biggest thrills that brings is the fact the characters, small and major, die without warning. However, we are now in unknown territory with the TV series, as it has flown past the books and is now running on its own steam.  This does mean that the fate of Westeros lies in the hands of a bunch of screen writers, and they so easily fall into classic screen writing tropes. One of these is foreshadowing, thats the warning or indication of a future event. I believe that we have seen a little bit of this last night.

Game of Thrones Season 7

During a scene set in the Kings Landing throne room , Cersei invites Euron Greyjoy to talk about a possible alliance. Unmoved by his marriage proposal, he offers her a “precious gift” to seal the deal. Well that got my grey matter buzzing, and it occurred to me that they may be only one thing that Cersei could possible want, and the conversation before that really hammered that idea home. Euron talked about treacherous family members, even mentioning Cersei’s problem with “family”. However I did note they Euron never mentions anyone by name. A clever tactic if you’re planting seeds.  As Cersei has nothing but her own life to lose now, the only thing she could possible want is the head of the person prophesied to kill her, Tyrion Lannister, her own brother. If it is indeed a foreshadowing, there’s no way the writers would have included it if they did not intend to kill off Tyrion.

Game of Thrones Season 7 - Dragonbinder

Maybe I’m wrong, maybe next week we will see Euron rock up with ‘Dragonbinder’ the huge Valyrian horn he has in the books, but it’s certainly fun to speculate. The future plot synopsis for episode 3,’The Queen’s Justice’, reveals that “Cersei returns a gift”, it’s very possible that it’s a thing rather than a head…but lets keep the conversation going. Hit us up in the comments below. Do you think series 7 will see Tyrion die? What is Eurons gift?

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