The Photographer – Short Film

by | Jan 20, 2017

Beware Social Media! At least that is what French director Kevin Mendibourne will have you think when you watch his Short Film The Photographer. Highlighting just how harmful posting our details online can be, Mendibourne takes us on a dark and atmospheric journey with Marine Mendiboure & Louis Ballèvre starring in this 5 minute shocker.

THE PHOTOGRAPHER is a short horror film starring Marine Mendiboure & Louis Ballèvre and directed by Kévin Mendiboure.

Marina, 15 years old, is speaking on Facebook with her best friend Olivia about a strange photographer seen the day before. Suddenly she receives a snapchat from an unknown number showing a picture of her window taken from the outside…

So , as the film suggests, turn of your lights, turn up your volume…and don’t peek behind you….. Just dont…

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