‘Return of the Living Dead 3’ Lost Cut Uncovered

by | Jul 4, 2024

  • A long lost cut of Return of the Living Dead 3 has surfaced
  • Director Dustin Ferguson discovered an old T-120 VHS Master tape
  • The tape contains 8 minutes of never before seen footage
Devoted horror aficionados have something to celebrate, as a previosuly unseen cut of director Brian Yuzna’s gory masterpiece, Return of the Living Dead 3, has been found. 

Director Dustin Ferguson, known for his work on Spider Baby, or the Maddest Story Ever Told, recently shared an exhilarating announcement on Facebook: he’s unearthed the long-lost (and seemingly long forgotten) first cut of Yuzna’s film. This version reportedly contains nearly eight minutes of previously unseen footage.

Ferguson’s post reads,

“Return of The Living Dead 3 fans! We have acquired the ‘lost’ 1st cut of ‘Return of The Living Dead 3’! It features almost 8 minutes of additional, never-before-seen footage not in the Unrated version! No information exists anywhere about this! More details soon!”

Accompanying this delightful news is a photo showcasing a T-120 VHS Master containing the elusive cut. Ferguson also hinted at both physical and digital release plans.

Return of the Living Dead Three - Unsee Cut

Return of the Living Dead 3 offers a unique twist on zombie narratives with its gruesome retelling of a Romeo and Juliet inspired story, which see’s Curt Reynolds (J. Trevor Edmund) deeply in love with his girlfriend Julie (Melinda Clarke) who dies in a tradgic accident. Re-animated byTrioxin gas (a nod for those familiar with Dan O’Bannon’s original film), the couple have to battle soldiers and zombies to stay “alive”.

Released in 1993, Return of the Living Dead 3, penned by John Penney, graced VHS shelves in unrated form alongside an R-rated theatrical cut. To fulfil rating board requirements, Yuzna had to pare down some intense moments from the unrated version – making those missing eight minutes especially intriguing.

Yuzna never shies away from delivering gut-wrenching gore paired with poignant storytelling; if you’re as curious as we are about what hidden horrors await us in that lost footage, keep your eyes peeled!

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