Scare Share News: 2018 Begins!

by | Jan 2, 2018

Happy new Year Horror Fans. I hope you all are well fed and watered and enjoyed some well deserved time off over the festive period? I wanted to start us off with a quick catch up on some new from around the world of horror, with another addition of Scare Share News, your quick fire news update. 


Alien: Awakening Pulled?

Alien: Awakening

Those creepy folks over at Bloody Disgusting are reporting that Fox may have pulled the plug on Ridley Scott’s next Alien film. With the Disney take over still happening, it could be the end of the line for Scott’s awful Alien prequels. I for one can’t help but feel we may have dodged a bullet on this one…phew!  


Mike Flanagan on Doctor Sleep

Doctor Sleep

The director of netflix exclusive Gerald’s Game wants a stab at another Stephen King book, the sensational sequel to The Shining, Doctor Sleep. Mike Flanagan spoke with liljas library about his films, where he revealed what he would like to work on next. 

“There are so many. But the ones I’d want to do the most are DOCTOR SLEEP and LISEY’S STORY. In both cases, it’s because I identify with the protagonists so much. LISEY’S STORY is a stunning piece of work, a beautiful exploration of marriage. And who wouldn’t want to venture back into the world of Danny Torrence?”


King on 2018

The World of Stephen King's Short Films

Talking of Stephen King EW chatted with the horror Writer and what to expect from him in 2018. 

“Well, [film rights] on everything are basically taken. I think just about everything I’ve written was in some kind of development, or under option. I’m not bragging, I’m just…you know. It ain’t bragging if it’s true!”


First look at The Meg

The Meg

Sharks….big sharks. Empire brings us our first look at The Meg, a film that sets Jason Statham against a giant prehistoric supershark. As Statham says 

“who doesn’t want to watch a film about the biggest shark that’s ever existed?”.


David Harbour on Stranger Things Season 3

David Harbour

‘Stranger Things’ Star David Harbour talked to Variety on what he hopes Season 3 of Stranger things will bring and also about his mind blowing acceptance speech at last year’s Screen Actors Guild Awards. 


Keep an eye out for more news and entertainment right here folks! Lets see what 2018 will bring us?

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