Skeletor Saves Money in Hilarious Advert

by | Mar 26, 2017

He-Man and Skeletor make a surprise live action appearance on UK TV this week as a brand new Money Supermarket advert. The Advert for the British price comparison website, shows He-Man’s nemesis taking to the streets to celebrate saving money.

“He has some real iconic dance moves.”

Money Supermarket’s previous TV offerings included one with Snoop Dogg and his song “Who Am I (What’s My Name)” and series of ads with construction workers ‘dancing off’ against office workers.

The advert is sure to be a big hit with fans of Masters of the Universe and Darren Bentley, marketing director at MoneySuperMarket, said

“We thought it would be fun to subvert expectations of one of the best-known super villains from our childhoods and show that, no matter who you are, you’re bound to feel epic if you save money on your household bills.”

Natricia Bernard, the choreographer for the advert had this to say, in a behind the scenes video.

“Skeletor has a slight influence from Jager, so he has some real iconic dance moves.”

Dancing in the streets to the soundtrack of Fame, with a cool pair of sunglasses, the advert pays off its strap line “Your So Money Supermarket” through He-man, as Skeletor struts past the muscled hero. You can find out more over at Money Supermarkets website and Check out the video below. 


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