SyFy Cancels ‘Blood Drive’ After One Season

by | Sep 7, 2017

Bloody hell, the grindhouse horror series Blood Drive just aired the series finale, and it looks like it’s not coming back.
Despite being praised by many critics, Syfy has pulled the plug on the obscure show. After weeks of rumors, Series creator James Roland finally admitted that the show has indeed been bled dry.

“Unfortunately, your suspicions are correct. Syfy has canceled Blood Drive after one season.”

Roland admits that he’s known about if for a while, but he did not want to “taint” the show for fans. The show sees a crazy race where the cars run on blood instead of gasoline, but SyFy producers just did not think the show was worth running. Whilst the racing element was exciting, the show spent way too much time on other story lines, straying far from what made it fun. Roland revealed the dark truth over on his blog.

The future is not set, in our world or the world of Blood Drive.

As to the reasons why the show is cancelled, I’m not privy to all the details. Obviously the ratings were low, but it was also a very noisy show on social media (thanks to you guys!) and a very well-reviewed show with critics as well.

This I do know: despite canceling us, Syfy was the only network with the steel to make the show in the first place.

When the script was making the rounds I took a LOT of meetings. Every place loved to sing its praises. One major cable network flat out told me that if they’d made the show they’d make me the showrunner, give me a larger budget, and generally suck all my parts.

But guess what? They didn’t make the show, so it was easy for them to say.

It was Syfy that took the risk, and for that I’m forever grateful, even if I did get super pissy whenever I couldn’t show enough gore and dick and titties. But I’m confident they knew it was just because I’m a pervert and didn’t take it personally.

I’m bummed that Blood Drive didn’t pay off for them the way they wanted but I can’t believe we got away with a full season of the CRAZIEST show on TV.

I for one will be sad that the show has ended. It was dark, bloody and ran with brass the size of demolition balls. It was a crazy wacky racers styled show, that just sadly lacked the racing part.

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