8 Great Horror Movies Ruined By Their Twists

by | Jun 26, 2019

(** Horror Note -> this is a re-upload of an older video Entitled 10 Great Horror Movies Ruined By Their Twists, which is no longer available because of “Technical issues”!)

We all love a good movie twists, especially when it comes out from nowhere and blows our minds. I’m talking about films such as The Sixth Sense, The Wickerman and Saw, where the twists not only neatly ties up the films, but it transforms the entire feature with one quick reveal. But whilst the twist can be powerful tool to use, it can also hold ruin a film.

WhatCulture have listed 8  films that suffer from twist so unexpectedly bad, that the entire movie is ruined by it. Whether it be a character reveal that makes no sense, twists that have been done to death or even plot turns that just do not fit into the already established order, the following films are ruined by their sudden turns.  Here are 8 Great Horror Movies Ruined By Their Twists. Enjoy…


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