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Wouldn’t know your Casper from your Candyman? Don’t panic. Our Handy guide will give you a good place to start. This months Terror Bites looks at the ghosts and ghouls you find on film! So put on your proton pack and and bring your holy water..your gona need it!


Walking Dead – Sixth Sense/Ghost/ Stir of Echoes


These are your Basic spooks. Wandering around , unaware that their lives have come to an end. These are the spirits that have unfinished business. With a single goal between them and passing over, they gravitate towards those that can “see”. These people are able to see and communicate with the apparition, and it’s only these people that can help the spirits rest in peace.


Class 5 Full-Roaming Vapor – GhostBusters


When a a Focused, Non-Terminal, Repeating Phantasm causes you restless nights, there is usually only one group of people you can call! If you cant find the number for the Ghostbusters, you best bet is to move out! These creatures are the spirits of the deceased made up of pure ectoplasm. Visible to anyone and the cause of most classic ghost sightings. Usually benign, large spiritual events can en-rage and empower them, making them angry and mischievous.


Poltergeists – Poltergeist


The spirits of the dead can sometimes be angry and vengeful, moving objects around the house, making noise and causing mayhem. If you find things moving around your home, it’s probably a poltergeist. These ghosts are more mischievous than anything else, but they know what scares you and can use that against you. Disrupting their burial sites is a good way of antagonizing an already unhappy group of specters and creating a poltergeist infestation. Luckily, poltergeist activity is short lived, and usually ends abruptly as it started, leaving you with a house that is “clean”!


Possessed Objects – The Ring/One Missed Call/It Follows


If you chuck your daughter down a well and expect her to be happy about it, you’ve got another thing coming! Sometimes, spirits imprint themselves on objects, leaving them cursed to whom ever owns or interacts with it. These curses are usually only cured by passing it on to others. So if you find yourself in possession of a cursed “gift”, simply pass it on.


The Spirits of the Further – Insidious


Some people have the ability to visit the “further”, a place between worlds where spirits wander. These people can sometimes bring the dead back with them, with deadly consequences.  The spirits of the further are angry and seek the lifeforce of the living. They can become very powerful and can possess people too. 


Evil Spirits – House on Haunted Hill / The Amityville Horror/ The shining


There are buildings, which have a dark past. With horrific deaths and mass loss of life, these places become a beacon of evil. The spirits grow in power as they grow in number, with each death adding to this dark energy. With enough power , they can take over entire buildings, bending it and anyone inside, to their will. Angry and vengeful, these spirits know only pain and suffering, and want nothing but to corrupt and destroy. The only way to stop the spirits, is by destroying the building they possess.


Boogeymen – Candyman / Bloody Mary


Certain spirits can be “called”. These phantoms are usually murderous of nature, with only one purpose, revenge. These disturbed spooks usually died in horrible ways, and want nothing more than to make others suffer. Once released, these powerful appropriations will only be stopped once their dark needs have been met. Sweets to the sweet!


Vengeful Spirits – The Fog/2001 Maniacs


Sometimes, a tragic accident will leave an imprint on a place. The loss of life will leave a building or town cursed by phantoms. These spirits seek only revenge on the people responsible for their deaths. This type of haunting can sometimes occur decades after the event, and the relatives are left to blame for the sins of their ancestors.


Ghost With The Most – Beetle Juice/The Frighteners


When people die, their spirits can become trapped. These spooks are unable to leave and sometimes choose to haunt the living. However, this is not as easy as it seems as the living ignore the strange and unusual. Some try to get “professional” help, but qualifications are little to none in the world of the un-dead. There are revenants that can be hired to help , though sometimes the results can be chaotic.


Friendly Ghosts – Pet Semetary/An American Werewolf in London


Some ghosts are actually friendly. They want to help the living. Though this itself can be difficult, as humans either can’t see them , or are afraid when they can.  They sometimes bring warnings of tragic events to come. Good Spirits usually passover pretty quickly, especially after any message has been passed on.


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