James Wan to Produce a Remake of ‘Train to Busan’!

by | Sep 26, 2018

Hollywood is at it again, turning amazing Korean and Japanese films into humdrum, mediocre messes, with an English dialect. Films such as Old Boy, A Tale of Two Sisters, The Ring, The Grudge, The Eye and  even Godzilla, were chewed up and spat them out as a nasty misshapen blobs. 2016 saw the release of one of the best zombie films that we have seen in decades, Yeon Sang-ho’s awesome Train to Busan. But it seems that, once again, reading subtitles is just to much effort for some people, as production of a remake is about to start.

 The original film premiered at the Cannes Film Festival, and has  amassed huge critical acclaim.  The focuses on a group of passengers on a train bound for Busan from Seoul, during a Zombie break out. 

James Wan and Gary Dauberman are on board to produce the new film, with New Line winning a bidding war for the film. Whilst a little part of me thinks a western take on this might be good, I fear we may just get a character for character, line for line adaption that has about as much heart as a hollowed out artichoke. You can read more about deal over at The Hollywood Reporter.

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