Andy Serkis & Spielberg to Release “Jaws” Special Addition

by | Apr 1, 2020

Some good news for any fans of the original summer block buster Jaws, Steven Spielberg is finally releasing his original vision for his fishy tale, in a special addition to be released later this year. Teaming up with The Imaginarium Studios and Andy Serkis, Spielberg plans on adding in all those scenes that he was unable to film back in 1975. 

We had to cut a lot of scenes because Bruce, the mechanical shark, kept breaking down. But thanks to modern technology, we can finally see Jaws as I originally intended. 

Jaws Special Edition will be released in cinemas first, with a release on VOD and 4K Blu-Ray later. The Blu-Ray will include a new audio commentaries from Spielberg, behind the scenes documentary and a special side by side comparison of the original and new cut of the film presented by international super star Tony Hawks.

The extended film will include all new scenes with Serkis stepping into the shoes of the killer great white shark, capturing motion capture to bring him to life. According to Spielberg.

Andy Serkis & Spielberg to Release

There were at least 8 really cool underwater shots of ‘Bruce’ that never got filmed because of our technical issues. The damn shark kept breaking and I never got to shoot the finale the way it was in the script. At the end with Scheider (Brodie) on the sinking boat, it (the shark) was supposed to rise up out of the water menacingly, crashing down on the wreck. It was going to be glorious. The shark even had a few lines of dialogue. 

The VOD will also ship with exclusive never before seen out-takes of Spielberg losing his shit, in a new documentary filmed by Sofia Coppola called “Fix my Bloody Shark!”

Release dates are yet to be finalized but definitely at some point this year. 




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