Batman Takes on Killer Clowns

by | Oct 13, 2016

As the ‘killer clown’ craze spreads across Britain, one man is stepping up to protect the people of the UK. Batman. Yes the caped crusader has ditched the grime filled streets of Gotham and turned his attention to a little port on the coast of Cumbria, called Whitehaven. Not a stranger to tackling crazed clowns, Batman is hoping to turn the tide on this new and dangerous sport.

Pranksters in the US have been filming themselves dressed as clowns for a number of years, but as Halloween approaches the UK, we are seeing a huge rise in reports, and it’s no laughing matter. A 19 year old student was arrested earlier this week after he ran around his campus dressed as a clown and brandishing a chainsaw, whilst other reports of clowns trying to get into people car’s and chasing them down streets. The jokers behind the mask may think it’s all fun and games, but people are honestly scared, and no more so than local kids of Whitehaven, who are terrified to go outside after it was reported that two teenagers  and a mother with a buggy had been chased and threatened by a “Clown”.

Step up Cumbria Superheroes and Batman. The local costume store has been posting pictures and videos from Batman reassuring kids that they are safe.

The local police have warned it will take action against anyone found to be terrorising others on the streets, but until any arrest are made, it’s good to know that someone is out there protecting us. Thanks Batman!

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