Blumhouse’s Twisted ‘Firestarter’ Remake Fires up!

by | Dec 17, 2019

Drew Barrymore started making genre films years before she was old enough to watch them, starring in the 1984 adaptation of Stephen King’s Firestarter when she was just 10 years old. But then what kid would turn down the opportunity to play a pyrokinetic kid with major anger issues. Well it seems that some other kid will get the same opportunity extended to Barrymore, as Blumhouse push ahead with a remake of the Firestarter. Firestarter was never really one of King’s best books or better film adaptations, but with the popularity of King only growing, and many film and TV adaptations currently in the works, everybody wants a bite of the pie.

According to Variety, the hungry party responsible for this little slice of King, is the up-and-coming genre filmmaker Keith Thomas, who is working with Universal, Blumhouse and Akiva Goldsman‘s Weed Road, to produce a new film version of the novel. Thomas’s film ‘The Virgil‘ made huge splashes with his world premiere at the Toronto Film Festival this year. Scott Teems, who penned Universal and Blumhouse’s Halloween sequel Halloween Kills, is adapting the screenplay.

Blumhouse said 

“Every once in a while you see a film that grasps and shakes you. ‘Vigil’ did that for us, and we were eager to be a part of the film and to work with Keith and the BoulderLight team”

Firestarter tells the story of a couple who participate in a potent medical experiments that give them telekinetic abilities. With these gifts passed on to their daughter, the young child starts to gain pyrokinetic powers as the government looks to capture the powerful young girl. 

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