Bruce Campbell Reveals Most “Disturbing” Fan Interaction

by | Dec 22, 2023

  • Bruce Campbell had an interview with Screen Rant for his new show.
  • He revealed this one fan that was way to weird for him.
  • Campbell recieved a book of disturbing poetry. 



As a celebrity, Fans can be the one of your greatest allies, but they can also gte pretty weird , Bruce Campbell revealed in an interview this weeek.

During a recent interview with Screen Rant for his new show Discontinued, the Evil Dead star revealed a rather distrubing interaction with in perticualr fan, where he recieved a gift that he described as having “the most disturbing, offensive words“. He was handed a book that was just slightly more distrubing than the Necranomicom Ex Mortis.

“Well, they think that you’re the movies that you’re in. They think that you love horror. So, I had a woman, a very goth woman, come up at a signing, and she gave me a book of poetry that she wrote. She goes, “Here’s something you’ll really like.” I started to read it, and it was the most disturbing, offensive words and meaning. I couldn’t read a full page of it. They think that’s right up your alley, because you’re the guy with a chainsaw and blood and Deadites and, “You think this s— is cool, right?” I’m like, “It’s a movie. I’m a character. I’m an actor.”

Strange to think that anyone could shock our most beloved deadite stomping movie star, but it seems that there is indeed at least one single young lady with that power to traumtise Campbell. What exactly was in the book is anyones best guess, but I can only imagine it was some pretty sick stuff. 



What’s the weirdest gift you have given celebrities? Drop a message in the commenst below. You can also share you thoughts on FacebookTwitter, or Instagram! Or head over to our Fans Page to join like minded horror fans who loved and appreciatedhis work. You can also carry on the conversation with me personally on Twitter @Lallenuk

Stay in, Stay Safe, Love Horror!


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