‘Child’s Play’ Remake is Going Ahead

by | Jul 4, 2018

Before you lose you mid-week good vibes Mojo, don’t panic, this is NOT an end to the ongoing series by Don Mancini. Todays news that the Child’s Play sequel is currently in the works, has got everyone hot and bothered, and you really shouldn’t and here is why. 

THR reported that MGM is moving ahead with the long planned remake of Child’s Play, the 1980s horror movie centered on a toy doll possessed by the soul of a serial killer. It producers David Katzenberg and Seth Grahame-Smith are picking up the reigns on this one, with a plan to completely relaunch the series. The biggest delay was the chaos of rights issues, because MGM sold the property to Universal Pictures right before production on Child’s Play 2 started, to which they still hold the rights. What ever deal MGM have managed to salvage, it’s very doubtful that it’ll include our friend to the end, the Chuckster!

With Mancini planning on continuing his films series, and bringing us a TV show as well, Chucky will live on for many years to come. According to Collider,  The new film will be a complete reboot, that see’s a group of kids going head to head with a technologically-advanced doll. Sounds more Small Soldiers than Child’s Play…but ok….i’ll bite!

The original Child’s Play followed Charles Lee Ray, a serial killer, who’s soul becomes trapped inside a Good Guy Doll. 

There is no more news as yet and MGM have not commented any further, but rest assured that when we hear more, we’ll spread the word! Hi-De-Ho….Ha ha ha!

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