‘Corona Zombies’ Full Moon’s Exploitation Comedy Premieres This Friday!

by | Apr 8, 2020

We report back in March that Full Moon Features were pushing ahead with a Exploitation Comedy film based on the corona virus outbreak. Whilst the rest of Hollywood was shutting down, the epic horror studio was creating a zombie film in a matter of weeks. The big question, in a time of social isolation, was how on earth were they going to pull this off?

Well, thanks to a trailer that drop today, we know exactly how they have done it, splice in footage from another film. Yep, those cheeky chappies have taken Bruno Mattei’s bloody classic Hell of the Living Dead, and spliced it into new digital footage for their new film Corona Zombies. Just check out the cheap-ass looking zombie effects on the “lead” masked zombie compared to some of the zombies in the 1980 film footage, and it’s clear how quickly they put this together. But to be honest, I think this is just what us Horror Fans need right now, a silly tongue in cheek splatter horror film that filled blood, guts and eye popping action. With COVID-19 continuing to grind life as we know it to a halt, we are all looking for some form of distraction, even if that distraction comes covered in blood and filled with zombies (lets face it, those are the best!)

Ditsy damsels in distress, toilet paper famine, inept world leaders, mass-media gone wild, a virus from Hell and hordes of ghouls hungry for human flesh combine in Full Moon’s maniacal horror comedy hybrid Corona Zombies!

Corona Zombies is a satirical, silly, gory and irreverent vision of a vile virus spiraling out of control, one that causes its victims to become cannibalistic, creepy and contagious Corona Zombies!

If your wondering how and when you can get your hands on this beast, well it drops this Friday 10th of April over on Full Moon Features streaming service. There’s a lot of great content on there, so be sure to check out what they have to offer. For a limited time, Full Moon is offering a full one month subscription to Full Moon Features at a huge discount. 

Full Moon is offering – for a limited time – a full ONE MONTH subscription to Full Moon Features for the super-low introductory cost of only $2.37!
To take advantage of this deal, sign-up on the Full Moon Features website (www.FullMoonFeatures.com) between April 10th – 12th. Enter the code CZ20 at checkout and you can immediately start watching CORONA ZOMBIES – and hundreds of other crazy movies – on any Smart TV or download the app to any android device for access to the madness anywhere, anytime!

Directed by the legendary Charles Band, Corona Zombies stars Robin Sydney and Cody Renee Cameron.  Corona Zombies will premiere exclusively on the Full Moon Features channel and app on April 10th, 2020. You can check out the Trailer Below!

Tell us what you think of this new film! Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram! You can also carry on the convo with me personally on Twitter @Lallen_UK

Stay in, Stay Safe, Love Horror!

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