‘Creepshow’ Tribute On “The Walking Dead” This Sunday

by | Mar 2, 2017

Eagle eyed viewers should keep an eye out this Sunday/Monday for a cool easter egg. Greg Nicotero posted on instagram an image of a zombie behind a ticket booth. Whilst it might not seem like anything special, it’s actually a something quite cool.

This sunday will herald the 19th directed by makeup effects master, and if there is one thing we can expect from his directorial efforts, is tributes to iconic characters. This weeks see him tip his hat towards Stephen King and George A. Romeros Creepshow, as Michonne and Rick encounter a zombie funfair/amusement park. 

Nicotero wrote

Maybe a “Creepshow” tribute in this upcoming episode of “The Walking Dead”. My 19th episode as director. See you Sunday! All Rick, All Michonne, All Walkers!

The image included is clearly based on the corpse seen on the original Creepshow poster. Check out the image below



On this weeks  episode “The group scavenges for supplies; Someone in Alexandria must make morally changing decision.”

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