The Dark Tower Connects KING

by | Jul 27, 2017

One of the big question about the upcoming release of The Dark Tower, is how it will fit in with the larger KINGdom. Stephen King first published carrie in 1974, and since then he has written over 91 books, and the most adventurous undertaking was the Dark Tower series, which unified all of King’s work into a series of different worlds, all connected vis the titular tower. Characters and places from  his books popped up throughout the series, and it gave new life to some of his precious novels. 

As an example, Father Donald Frank Callahan disappears from ‘Salem’s Lot’ on the back of bus, leaving his fate a mystery. However, he appears once again in the book Wolves of the Calla, where he becomes a major character. The Dark Tower was a chance for King to re-explore his work, sometimes even fill in the blanks or mistakes that he had made. 

The new film is currently a stand alone project, with no major plans for any sequels, so how does it fit into a BIGGER picture? Well Sony Entertainment have stepped up to the plate to answer that with a little video which brings the KINGdom to the world of The Dark Tower. Be excited Horror Fans….. Be Excited. 

On August 4, all roads lead to the tower.

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