The Dark Tower TV is Still Happening!

by | Sep 22, 2016

The simple fact that a Dark Tower movie is not only going ahead, but is currently being edited, still astounds me. If you have read the books, you’ll know what I mean. The Dark Tower is the Crown Jewel of King’s work. It’s his magnum opus that delves into characters and places throughout Kings universe. In fact, The Dark Tower IS Kings universe.

When Ron Howard and producing partner Brian Grazer, bought the rights from J.J. Abrams back in 2010, he had plans for a series of movies and TV series that would run side by side. It was the only way he could conceive of telling the story. But without any company willing to finance such a huge undertaking, the project was on hold for years. It was when director Nikolaj Arcel stepped in that the film finally become green lit. The Tv series seemed to have been put aside, as MRC and Sony Pictures awaited to see how the film would be received.

 Idris Elba

Yesterday, plans were unveiled for the Dark Tower TV series, however, it will be slightly different from its first vision.  Idris Elba is playing Roland Deschain in the films, but the TV series will cast a younger actor, as the Tv series will delve into Rolands past. The show will focus on the fourth book in the saga, Wizard and Glass, which saw Roland talking about his early trials and tribulations as a young gunslinger.

The producers don’t yet have is a distributor just yet, but im sure they will get the series snapped up pretty quickly.

As a tribute to King on his 69th anniversary MRC created this map, a smell gesture for fans, whilst we all await a trailer.

Dark Tower Map

The Dark Tower will be out next year. Don’t forget to drop us a message below and start a conversation about this epic undertaking!






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