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Hands Off – Losing a Hand

by | Jul 31, 2015

You got to hand it to the people on this list, they did not take it lying down. We look at the fictional heroes and villains that lost a hand but came back fighting. Hands off Horror fans… Heres our top ten handicaps!(spoilers)

10: Tank Girl – Kesslee


Water & Power CEO Kesslee is badly maimed by the mysterious dessert creatures known as the rippers. Having his arm ripped off and his face brutally disfigured was not enough to keep the evil business man from his plans . Using a cybernetic surgeon, he gains a new arm and a holographic head! With his upgrades and he hoped to take out the Rippers and Rebecca Buck who have both been disrupted his business.

9: Dr Who : The Christmas Invasion – The Doctor


The newly regenerated Doctor, now played by David Tennant, challenges a race of invading aliens, the Sycorax, to a sword fight, with the earth as the prize. During the battle, the Sycorax leader slices the Doctors hand clean off. But in classic scifi hooey, the Doctor is still within the first 15 hours of regeneration, which means he is able to grow a new hand and save the day! Yay!

8: Red Dwarf : Epideme – David Lister


The Red Dwarf crew encounters an abandoned ship, the Leviathan, where David Lister is infected with an intelligent virus called Epideme. To save his life, the crew cut off his hand, followed swiftly by the rest of his arm. With his arm missing, Lister is unable to do even simple tasks. Luckily, an encounter with nanobots, an episode later, results with the tiny robots regrowing Listers arm. Our space hero is whole again!

7: Walking Dead Tv Series – Merle Dixon


Merle Dixon, a former military and drug dealer, find’s himself on the wrong side of his group, after beating fellow survivor T-Dog in a racist attack. Rick grimes blind-sides him and handcuffs him to a pipe. The group then leave him there, but eventually do return for Merle later, but find him gone. Walkers reach the chained rooftop door, and Merle panics, cutting his own hand off with a near by hacksaw. Despite loosing a lot of blood, he managed to survive and later appears with a new “hook” arm.

6: Walking Dead Comic – Rick Grimes


Rick Grimes and Michonne find themselves in a town called Woodbury, where they are taken prisoner and tortured. A fellow survivor, introduced as The Governor, cuts off Ricks arm when he refuses to answer questions. Rick survives, but his torment and pain will haunt him forever.

5: Kingpin – Roy Munson


One-time bowling champion Roy Munson, brought to vivid, lost his right hand for scamming on the lanes. After pulling a cheap scam on a group of bowlers, the angry sportsmen shove Roy’s hand into the ball return system, ripping it off and crippling his bowling career. Years later , wearing a prosthetic hook, he coached an Amish man named Ishmael in a $1 million winner-take-all tournament, but when Ishmael is injured, Roy takes his place. He loses the tournament, but gains a new self respect and a better life.

4: Game of Thrones – Jaime Lannister


Vargo Hoat suspects that his commander, Lord Roose Bolton, will join with the Lannisters after their victory in the Battle of the Blackwater. Whilst Bolton might gain new alliances, Vergo would surely be executed for his crimes. To prevent this, he orders one of his men to chop Jaime’s sword hand off, thinking that the blame will fall on Bolton. In the TV show a man named Locke does the dirty deed.

Jaime survived and had a hand crafted of gold made for his stump. Whilst he lived, his skill with the blade was never the same!

3: Peter Pan – Captain Hook


When Captain James Hook challenged Peter Pan to a sword fight, he loses when Peter cuts off his right hand and a crocodile swallowed it. The croc also swallowed a clock so Hook is alerted by the ticking whenever the croc gets near. In place of his missing arm, the captain place a curved hook, truly becoming Captain HOOK!

2: Evil dead 2 –  Ash Williams


When Ash’s re-animated dead girl friend comes back to life, he ends up with a bite on his hand. The wound becomes possessed and Ash has little choice but to ” lop it off at the wrist” with a chainsaw. The unlikely hero straps up his wound and attaches the chainsaw too it. Armed with both the chainsaw and his shotgun (boomstick), Ash takes on the Evils released by the Necronomicon.

1: The Empire Strikes Back – Luke Skywalker


Luke arrives at Cloud City to save his friends but instead falls into Darth Vaders trap. Luke and Vader engage in a long lightsaber duel and Vader severs Luke’s right hand. As if that was not bad enough he then reveals himself to be Luke’s father!  Luke regains his hand in the form of a robot appendage and later went on to defeat Vader and end the rule of the evil Emperor. Not bad for a young lad from Tatooine with one hand and a whiny disposition.


Honorable Mention

Monty Pythons The Holy Grail


Arthur battles the Black Knight who refuses to surrender the bridge, even after Arthur cuts off his left arm. “Tis but a scratch” the Knight says, as blood spurts from his wound. Another clash of swords and another limb severed, and Athur is assured of his victory. But the Black Knight is not done and attacks Arthur with his legs and head. Frustrated , Arthur slices the Knights legs off, to which the Knight concedes that they should “Call it a draw”.

The Dark Tower  : The Drawing of the Three – Roland Deschain


Roland wakes up on a beach, where he is suddenly attacked by a lobster-like creature that appears from out of the sea. Roland manages to defeat the strang creature, but not before bites off the index and middle finger of his right hand. With his fingers missing, he go no longer use his gun and his days of being a “gun slinger” are truely over. However, there is much more to the man than just his gunplay and Roland continues his journey towards the Dark Tower.


Hands Off – Losing a Hand! 

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