‘Dead by Daylight’ Just Added Freddy Kruger

by | Oct 27, 2017

One, Two, Freddy’coming for you. Multiplayer horror game Dead by Daylight is getting another movie horror icon, just in time for Halloween. For those of you that have never heard of it before, Dead by Daylight is a online video game which sees a bunch of survivors trying to escape from a crazed masked killer. The game boast 9 killers to choose from, with Leatherface from the texas Chainsaw massacre and Micheal Myers from Halloween available as DLC villains. The dream master himself, Freddy Kruger is joining this line up as “The Nightmare“, a character that can only interact with the survivors in a dream world. Yep ‘Dead by Daylight’ Just Added Freddy Kruger…and he’s awesome! 

Dead By Daylight

Nearly all of the villains share the same mechanics, but have a three special perks that they can be obtained as they level up, Kruger is the first character to vastly change how the game plays out, including his perks. Instead of being able to attack players straight from the start, Kruger has to “pull” the survivors into the dream world, where he can hunt them like normal. Players that are awake can not see Kruger, but will hear his creepy “terror radius” noise, which is his iconic playground rhyme (One..Two…) . 

Kruger has probably one of the most OP perks in the game, which allows him to prevent players from escaping for a period of time. Whilst this does balance out with the fact that Kruger can only hunt sleeping players, as a teachable perk that can given to other killers, this pekr could super power the other villains, making future games pretty trick for the survivors. 

Kruger comes with a new survivors called Quentin Smith and a new map called Badham Preschool. Kugler’s design is based on the Nightmare on Elm Street 2010 remake, as is the supervisor Quentin  and the new map. Any one hoping for Nancy to pop up will be sadly disappointed. 

Freddy Kruger

In retrospect, Kruger has been designed to eliminate some bad behaviour in players that is rife within the game. Killers “camping” hook sites has been a huge issue since the game came out. The main objective for the Killer is to place survivors on “hooks”, where they will die without help from other players, but if the killer camps the area, it makes it hard for other survivors to help and score points. With Kruger being unable to attack people whilst they are awake, player can easily save hooked survivors without intervention form the killer. 

Another bad behaviour, and one aimed at farming more points, is the survivor hanging around at the exit gates, waiting for the killer to come so they can nab a few extra blood points, knowing they can freely escape. With Kruger’s BLOOD WARDEN perk, the gates are blocked for a period of time, meaning that killers can easily grab any survivors thinking of hanging around the gates. Whilst this perk has only a short timer, it will deter survivors form heading straight to gates and extend the game time a little. 

Dead By Daylight - The Nightmare

Whilst there is a huge outcry form the gaming populace that Kruger is over powered, the same can be said for many of the other killers introduced. It will just take some time for people to get used to the new mechanics. Having played a few games with Kruger myself, I’m seeing a lot of people “rage quitting” when the realise they are up against the Nightmare. Some players are just not happy with the new villain. I personally think that he is a very well thought out and presented character which will really change the pace of the game for everyone. 

Kruger is available now with a 30% discount, costing only £3.49 (Normal Price £4.99) and the base game is 50% off costing only £7.49 (Normal £14.99).

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