‘Dead Snow 3’ Will Feature Zombie Hitler

by | Aug 22, 2017

Wow..it’s not often I get to put ‘Zombie Hitler’ up as a headline, but it looks like the Leader of the third reich will be making his zombie film debut in the next installment of Dead Snow. EW caught up with series director Tommy Wirkola on his latest film What Happened to Monday, and he briefly spoke about his plans for a third Dead Snow film.

“Just so you know, if you’re a fan of the Dead Snows, we’re hoping to make a third one in a few years. We’ve got to finish the trilogy, so I’m very excited about that. We’ve got to finish what we started, all of us! We have some ideas. I think it’s natural to maybe put some of the story in South America, where a lot of the Nazis fled, of course. We’ve got to top what we’ve done before, we have to bring back Hitler as well. Zombie-Hitler. That just feels natural.”

So whilst the film is still in very early stages, it’s good to know that the film is at the forefront of Wirkola mind. And how about that reveal for the films bad guy? Historically speaking, Hitlers up in the top row of bad guys, so turning him into a zombie is a stroke of genius. That way we can all look forward to the Zombie Squad blasting him back to hell. We’ll keep our ears to the ground on this one, and keep you Horror Fans up to date as the news spills in.

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