IT Director’s Cut and Missing Scenes

by | Sep 21, 2017

IT is firmly on its way to become one of the most profitable horror films ever made, and this week it was revealed that IT will be getting a Director’s cut release. Andy and his producer/sister, Barbara Muschietti told Yahoo last week that an extend version is in the works, and seems that there’s plenty of cut content to add back in.

“Right, we are going to do a director’s cut. We were told this morning”


Variety managed to snag an exclusive interview with Stuttering Bill actor, 14 year old Jaeden Lieberher. The youngster revealed a scene that he shot with Pennywise actor Bill Skarsgard that’s sounds really cool, but sadly never made it into the final film.

“I did have this scene where I climb up the tower at the end. When I’m chasing after Georgie, I climb the tower and I’m at a one-on-one confrontation with Pennywise and then I say that I’m not afraid of him, that none of the losers are afraid of him, and that’s how we beat him, but they took those lines and put toward the end, right after our big fight. So, I had this whole thing where Bill Skarsgård is grabbing me and pushing me off the ledge, and I had to wear this harness. That was a more difficult scene.”

Jaeden is not the only one hinting at possible content for the Blu-Ray/DVD release, as director Andy Muschietti teased two scenes cut from the film, including the Bar Mitzvah scene from the trailer that was missing from the film’s release.

“There’s a great scene… it’s a bit of a payoff of the Stanley Uris plot. The bar mitzvah,” Muschietti teased one of the deleted scenes. “He delivers a speech against all expectations in the room… he just goes on with a speech that is completely unexpected, basically blaming all the adults of Derry. And it has a great resolution.”

Andy also spoke about an extended quarry scene that may have explained the strange cut when Eddie dives under to find the “turtle”.

“The quarry scene is extended. After the spitting contest… they’re on the cliff, the edge of the cliff… they’re having a spitting contest and they have to jump. And then Beverly shows up. We opened up that moment and we extended it, and there’s like… it escalates into something that is completely weird and… irrelevant to the scene… but it’s so funny. Jack Grazer, who plays Eddie, does something that is completely bonkers.”

Andy and Barbara are currently preparing for shooting Part 2, early next year, but they hope to have the home-video Director’s cut out by christmas. That would be a holly-jolly thing…ho ho ho!

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