Everything Wrong With Don’t Breathe

by | Feb 1, 2017

Hey Horror Fans, some more groovy video action for you. The latest Everything Wrong With video is in and this week it’s the 2016 Fede Alvarez directed Don’t Breath. The film focuses on three friends who get trapped inside a blind man’s house while they are robbing it and the EWW just reviewed it in their own special way.  

From all caps texting, alarms that simply don’t alarm and washing machines on battery backup, the EWW crew are on hand to point out all the films flaws.

“It’s kinda fucked up to rob a blind guy isn’t it? Not if he’s a military hero and lost his daughter in a car crash, it’s not!”

THIS MOVIE IS DISTURBING AND GROSS! Many consider Don’t Breathe a great horror flick, you might as well, but it still has sins… and is still disturbing and gross. You have been warned, you few who bother to read these video descriptions.

Despite glowing reviews, awesome box office takings and a fresh 87% on rotten tomatoes, the film is flawed in many ways and this video proudly breaks them all down for you. Enjoy!

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