‘Evil Dead’ Director Fede Álvarez Shares New BTS Images

by | Apr 7, 2020

With the world on lock-down, you can forgive us entertainment and news folk for having a little bit of a dry spell. So it’s great that a few directors and filmmakers are keeping up entertained with a few nuggets of media to keep us all afloat. Fede Álvarez, the director of the Evil Dead reboot, has been quite active on twitter, and he most recent efforts include a selection on behind the scenes imagery from his remake. Whether you love or hate the 2013 film, these images come at a time when we need this type of thing the most. 

Fede Álvarez made his directorial debut with Evil Dead, following on from Sam Raimi original series starring Bruce Campbell. But prooving that he was not a one hit (meh) wonder, he went on to shoot Don’t Breathe in 2016, and that was a damn fine film indeed. Álvarez  film was similair in plot to the 1981 original, where a group of friends head to remote cabin, and accidental release ancient demons. Fans of the original were not convinced by Álvarez  efforts, but it did go down well with horror fans in general. Me personally, I’ve watched it once…and that was enough! Regardless of how you feel about the project, these images are a breath of fresh (kinda rotten) air!

Álvarez recently posted these BTS photos as a way of celebrating his Evil Dead reboot’s seven-year anniversary on April 5th.








There are tons more over at TWITTER, so head on over there to check them all out!

Stay in, keep safe and love horror!

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