Ewan McGregor is Stephen King’s ‘Doctor Sleep’

by | Jun 14, 2018

Doctor Sleep is getting made and every Stephen King fan should be super pumped at the recent casting news. 

Mike Flanagan, who recently adapted King’s Gerald’s Game into a film for Netflix, will be pulling the reins on the movie, and he has already cast his leading man. Ewan McGregor will be stepping into the shoes of Danny Torrence, and fighting of ghost and vampires as he tries to save a young girls life. 

The casting is an interesting choice, certainly not a name I would have put on a top casting choices for 10 Danny Torrance’s, but I’m quite happy with knowing McGregors range as an actor, he could give the character the gravitas it requires. However, if Flanagan follows the book, the new film will leave film audiences a little confused to what’s happening, as King’s original novel ended very differently from the 1980 film, and some of these changes are key to Doctor Sleeps conclusion. 

The story centers on Dan Torrance, who is an angry alcoholic trying to forget his past. Trying to put his life back together, his psychic powers re-emerge and he connects with someone, desperate for some help. 

Anyhow, with McGregor on board, there’s a few other roles to fill, so we will keep an ear out for those as they come in. I’ll keep my shine on for you. 


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